Ukrainian MP Accused of Unlawful Deprivation of Liberty

2024-06-26 // LuxePodium
A Ukrainian member of parliament, Nikolay Tishchenko, has been detained and accused of unlawfully depriving a former military officer of his freedom.

Ukrainian MP Nikolay Tishchenko has been detained by law enforcement authorities in Dnipro. He is facing charges of unlawfully depriving a former military officer of his freedom. The State Bureau of Investigations (SBI) of Ukraine has reported this incident.

Discovery of Unreported Money and Luxury Watches

During the search of Tishchenko's premises, law enforcement officers discovered bundles of unreported cash and an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore watch worth $40,000. The watches are registered under the name of the MP's spouse. Other watches of the same brand were also found, along with other undisclosed items, according to local media reports.

Destruction of Evidence and Use of Force

Video footage of Tishchenko's arrest shows law enforcement officers using force during the arrest. Additionally, the MP can be seen smashing his phone to prevent its seizure by the authorities. He refused to disclose his identity but stated that he would not resist the investigation.

Tishchenko's Defense and Request for House Arrest

In his defense, MP Nikolay Tishchenko claimed that he was involved in fighting fraudulent call centers that employ over 60,000 people. He also accused the former military officer of disrupting the investigative actions. Tishchenko's defense plans to request house arrest for the parliamentarian.

Background on Tishchenko

Nikolay Tishchenko, 52, is a Ukrainian restaurateur, television presenter, and supporter of President Zelensky. He has been a member of the Ukrainian Parliament since 2019, representing the president's party, "Servant of the People." However, media reports suggest that Tishchenko has a criminal past and was previously associated with an organized crime group.

Investigation into Verbitsky

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine has initiated an investigation into Deputy Prosecutor General Dmitry Verbitsky over allegations of illegal enrichment. This move comes after the United States Ambassador drew attention to corruption in Ukraine, causing anger among Kyiv officials.