Upcoming F1 Film Features IWC Watches and Brad Pitt

2024-07-07 // LuxePodium
Read about the involvement of IWC watches in an upcoming F1 film starring Brad Pitt, along with other watch-related stories and gear.

The circular watch trend is coming to an end as shaped watches take the spotlight. French brand Baltic, established in 2016, offers a variety of vintage-inspired watches assembled in France.

In an upcoming Formula One film starring Brad Pitt and directed by Joseph Kosinski, IWC watches will be featured on the wrists of different characters. IWC has a strong relationship with the world of Formula 1 racing, particularly with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas team.

The film, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, Plan B Entertainment, and Lewis Hamilton's production company, depicts Pitt as a veteran driver returning to the sport after an absence. IWC models from the Pilot's Watches collection will be showcased in the movie.

Another intriguing project is the film "The Bear." Its new season follows a couple played by Tom Hanks and Robin Wright over a vast period of time. The show's accuracy in depicting the restaurant world has sparked conversations.

Ace Jewelers has unveiled their latest limited edition watch, a collaboration with Nivada-Grenchen. The F77 integrated bracelet sports watch features a sleek black dial and a red "XXX" symbol for Amsterdam.

Threads, a competitor to Twitter, has made significant strides integrating with Facebook and Instagram. As it enters its second year, it aims to compete with Elon Musk's renamed Twitter, "X."