Every Cybertruck Recalled, Matty Matheson's New Brand, and a New Camera Strap from Peak Design

2024-04-20 // LuxePodium
Recall of every Cybertruck, launch of Matty Matheson's brand, and new camera strap from Peak Design.

Close your eyes and imagine a watch. It likely has three hands and a round case. Watches come in various shapes and with different numbers of hands, but for many, the classic design is the most familiar. However, Baltic, a French independent brand founded in 2016, offers vintage-inspired watches with a wide variety of styles. These watches are assembled in France, adding to their appeal.

The popular series "The Bear" features actor and chef Matty Matheson as Fak, the heavily tattooed handyman. Behind the scenes, Matheson acts as a consultant, ensuring that the kitchen scenes and culinary creations feel authentic. Now, Matheson has launched his own brand called the Matheson Food Company, producing simple pantry staples with branding that taps into nostalgia for classic brands from his childhood.

M. Night Shyamalan's new film, coming this summer, has a trailer that teases a surprise twist. However, it's possible that the trailer only reveals part of the story, leaving the real surprises for the audience to discover later. The film looks promising, presenting a fresh and exciting concept.

If you're a fan of robot videos, particularly those featuring Boston Dynamics' robots, you'll be interested to know that their humanoid robot, Atlas, is being retired. There is a collection of videos showcasing Atlas' capabilities over the years, providing an entertaining and sometimes unnerving experience.

Peak Design, known for their high-quality camera accessories, has introduced a new camera strap in a neutral tan color called Coyote. These straps are highly regarded by both professional and amateur photographers and are available in various sizes to fit different camera models.

Tesla has issued a recall notice for every Cybertruck delivered so far. The recall is due to a faulty accelerator pedal that can cause the pedal to remain at full throttle, posing a safety risk. Owners will need to bring their vehicles in for servicing to resolve the issue.