Watch News: Bugatti Tourbillon, John Lennon's Watch, and Ancient Beer Brewing

2024-06-23 // LuxePodium
This article covers the latest news in the world of watches, including the Bugatti Tourbillon, John Lennon's watch, and the brewing of ancient beer.

2024 has been a year filled with impressive watch releases from various brands. In this article, we will explore three interesting stories in the watch industry.

The Story of John Lennon's Watch

An article in The New Yorker revealed the fascinating story behind John Lennon's watch. The watch was considered a lost treasure until recently. The article gives us insights into the history of Lennon's watch, including its gifting by Yoko Ono, the theft in 2005, and the legal battles to determine its rightful owner. For the first time, photographs of the watch's caseback engraving, which features a message from Lennon's wife, were also shared.

Pentax's Film Camera

Pentax, a renowned camera brand, has entered the film photography market with its new film camera called the Pentax 17. Priced at $499, this camera is aimed at first-time film shooters. It features a retro design and uses standard 35mm film. The unique half-frame format allows for more shots per roll and captures images in a similar aspect ratio to smartphone cameras.

Yeti's 45 Hard Cooler

With the 4th of July approaching, Yeti has released a limited edition red, white, and blue version of their 45 Hard Cooler. This durable cooler can hold up to 54 cans or 37 pounds of ice. While it comes at a price of $300, it is built to last.

Ancient Beer Brewing

A brewer named Dylan McDonnell had the idea to brew beer using ancient methods during the pandemic. Inspired by ancient Egyptian recipes found in the Ebers Papyrus, McDonnell created a low-alcohol and low-carbonation beer using ingredients like sycamore figs and juniper berries. This unique brewing process offers a glimpse into the beer consumed thousands of years ago.

Bugatti's Tourbillon

Bugatti, known for its groundbreaking sports cars, has introduced its latest model, the Tourbillon. This hybrid vehicle combines a V-16 combustion engine with three electronic motors, resulting in impressive power. What sets the Tourbillon apart is its fusion of high-end technology and old-world craftsmanship. The interior features intricate components made from materials like sapphire, rubies, and titanium.


The world of watches continues to captivate with its stories and innovations. From a lost treasure belonging to John Lennon to ancient beer brewing and cutting-edge sports cars, these stories showcase the diversity and creativity within the industry.