The Unintentional Watch Collector: A Multi-Generational Collection of Timepieces

2024-03-30 // LuxePodium
A man shares the story behind his unplanned watch collection that spans eight decades, featuring watches inherited, gifted, and purchased throughout his life.

A common theme among watch enthusiasts is the influence of their fathers and grandfathers on their interest in timepieces. This individual never intended to collect watches and always aspired to be a one-watch person. However, through a combination of new purchases, gifts, hand-me-downs, and inherited pieces, he has unintentionally accumulated a diverse collection of watches that spans eight decades of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

One notable piece in his collection is a watch his grandfather purchased for his father's twenty-first birthday in 1949. Despite its large size for the time period and unique features, such as the "Bombay" lugs, this watch was never worn by his father and was discovered after his passing. This watch is a precious family heirloom.

Another significant watch is his first Rolex, which he purchased three years ago after restoring vintage watches he had found at flea markets. While none of those watches held much value individually, collectively, they allowed him to afford his first Rolex. He later acquired a 1955 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date at an auction, which required restoration to bring it back to its former glory.

Among the inherited pieces in his collection is an Omega Constellation that his father bought in Singapore in 1964. This watch holds sentimental value as it was always present throughout his childhood. The vintage piece features a deteriorated dial, reminiscent of a starry nighttime sky, due to its time spent in Borneo and Oman.

Other watches in his collection include his first watch, received on his seventh birthday and later rediscovered; a Seiko purchased with his first paycheck; a Sector watch representing the 1980s; a Tissot automatic inherited from his father; an Oris Artelier gifted by his wife; and a Seiko SKX013, his most recent acquisition.

Looking ahead, the collector is torn between seeking out a hand-wound Cartier Tank or a 36mm Tudor Submariner, representing a horological identity crisis in his middle age. Regardless, his unintentional collection tells the story of his life and the generations before him.